Anglican Church of the Trinity
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Our Story
Our story is everyone's story. We're hungry for God; we're famished from years of empty calories
served up by empty spiritualities; now we're seeking Jesus, the Bread of Life.

We're new at this. We were established in May 2010 as a Parish-in-Formation of the Anglican Church
in North America. Currently, our numbers are small, but we're already meeting weekly for worship.
During the rest of the week, we're working hard to launch the programs we hunger for: Christian
Education for all, Pastoral Care, Missions, Fellowship and more.

Most of all, we want to worship and know Christ. We're uninterested in stewardship, expansion,
service projects, lectureships, musicianship or any of that
for its own sake. We've had our fill. Now we
want Jesus. In time, our lives together will show the results and our new church will fail or flourish