Anglican Church of the Trinity
Minneapolis, Minnesota
The Anglican Church in North America
A formal call for the establishment of another Anglican body in North America (as an
alternative to The Episcopal Church) rose out of the "Global Anglican Future Conference"
(GAFCon) in Jerusalem in June 2008. The representatives at this conference represented
about 35 million Anglicans worldwide; it was assembled in response to years' worth of
mounting concerns about the "crisis gripping the Anglican Communion over scriptural
authority." And clearly a catalyst for this meeting was the 2003 consecration of a
partnered homosexual bishop for New Hampshire and the ongoing perceived violations of
the 2004 Windsor Report. GAFCon called for changes and commitments that would allow
Anglicans to "give clear and certain witness to Jesus Christ."

In the succeeding 12 months existing U.S. and Canadian "missionary" diocese (established
by African and other Provinces of the Anglican Church), the Reformed Episcopal Church
(established in 1873) and other individuals and groups worked to develop an initial
ecclesial structure and to draft a constitution and canons for The Anglican Church in North
America (ACNA). ACNA had its Inaugural Assembly in June 2009, at which time they
established their constitution and canons and consecrated their Archbishop, Robert
Duncan of Pittsburgh. At that time ACNA united about 100,000 Anglicans in 700 parishes
and 28 dioceses into a single Church. It is a Province-in-Formation as it still needs to be
formally recognized as a Province of the Anglican Communion, although a majority of the
other Provinces have already individually formally recognized it.

On February 11, 2010 the Synod of the Church of England passed a resolution that
recognizes and affirms the desire of those who have formed the Anglican Church in North
America to remain within the Anglican family.

Since June 2009, about 200 new parishes have been added to the ACNA roster (some are
newly planted churches, some have moved from The Episcopal Church). At his
consecration, Archbishop Duncan called for the estabishment of 1000 new churches
during his tenure (by 2014).

Anglican Church of the Trinity was welcomed into the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh in
January, 2011; our bishop is The Rt. Rev. Robert Duncan. (From June through December,
2010, while geographical diocesan arrangements were being developed, we were a
member of the Diocese of the Holy Spirit.)

We are also a member of the ACNA Midwest Deanery; our Dean is The Rev. Dr. George
Byron Koch, Rector of Resurrection Anglican Church in West Chicago, IL.

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What is The Anglican Church in North America,
and Where Does it Fit in The Anglican Communion?